Monday, April 18, 2016

BB8 Progress and UNC WLD Day

So far I have been making great progress on BB8. I have just got him cut open to install electronics to make him move.  All parts have been ordered and will arrive soon. BB8 should be completed by May 17th 2016. Pictures will be posted within the next week.
The second thing that I am announcing is that I attended UNC World Language Day with my German Class. when I was there I did a show and tell presentation/competition (vs other students from other schools) to the collages panel of judges. I just recived the results from my teacher that I placed second.
That is all for now!
Thanks, Alex

Monday, March 28, 2016

BB8 Robot project

If you did not know already BB8 is a Star Wars Droid from Episode 7 The Force Awakens. For my project I have decided to build a fully functional BB8 droid. So far I have the main body constructed, as well as the head with the details in pencil applied. I have also 3d printed his eyelid and holo projector. To build my droid I am following an Intractable. Here is the link